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Irvington Robotics Academy

Our mission is to promote STEM through competitive robotics & community outreach.

Running since 2010

Compete in the Nation-wide VEX robotics challenge

Open to members of all experience levels

Partnered with Berbawy Makers

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Our student-run academy started as a club in 2010 to build “a student-run organization which teaches local Fremont, CA students technology and engineering principles through the design, construction, and testing of robots.” With generous support and contribution of the community and its members, our organization has grown and developed throughout the years.

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Our Services

We provide weekly workshops to elementary and middle schoolers interested in expanding their horizons to robotics. Starting from the foundations, we teach these curious students the brainstorming, coding, and building that goes into making a successful robot.

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Our Expertise

We’ve participated in several robotics tournaments throughout the years. In 2010, our first year, we competed in two distinct robotics tournaments: the First Tech Challenge (FTC) and the Botball Educational Robotics Program. Then, starting in 2012, we shifted our efforts solely to FTC until the 2015–2016 school year. In that year, due to various reasons, we dropped out of FTC and switched to the VEX Robotics Competition, which has a smaller set of teams but a wider reach.

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